Paintball for adults

At Aventura Experience we have 3 paintball fields located in the Sant Feliu de Guíxols adventure park, where you can demonstrate your skill and understanding. It is a fun and exciting game whose main objective is to spend a fantastic and fun day.


Paintball is a sport that is born from the evolution of guerrilla training where tactics and team play are very important. It is a team sport and basically consists of eliminating your opponents by staining them with paint. This is the central idea on which it is played and there may be variants that introduce elements such as flags, position defenses, etc. It does not require any special physical condition and can be practiced by anyone.


It is a collective sport of strategy where basic aspects such as communication and the contribution of each member of the group are represented.


Participants are divided into two teams with markers (kind of rifles) that use biodegradable food coloring paintballs.

Equipment we offer for the activity:

  • Inferno and Tippmann brand semi-automatic marking machine
  • two color vests
  • 100 balls
  • Chest and back protector vest
  • Protective mask for eyes, ears, face and mouth
  • indefinite compressed air
  • specialized monitor
  • Insurance


Prices / Cost Activity:

20 € por persona

Minimum group of 8 participants